Read what some of our happy clients say about working with us

  • “Dear Dr. Stange, We will never be able to thank you enough for saving our beloved Ute’s life! You have made Mike and me big believers in Eastern medicine.

    When the ophthalmologist from CSU came down and saw his eye, he said it would be a gamble to send him to the veterinary hospital. Even if he arrived there alive, there was no guarantee he could be saved. I thought for sure he would have to be euthanized.

    The day you came to do acupuncture on the dogs was the best day of Ute’s life! You called 48 hours later and I was sure you were going to tell us he had died or nothing could be done to save him. Imagine how surprised we were when we arrived at your clinic to see him eating, and instead of the horrible putrid tissue, it was pink and healing!

    Mike and I, and especially Ute, want to thank you.”

    Note from Dr. Karlene
    Golden Yellow Powder, a Chinese Herbal formula, was the thing that cleared his severe eye infection in two days after he had been on 3 antibiotics for 10 days.


    Mike and Sandy – Bruce
    Mike and Sandy – Bruce Rancho del Perrofeo

  • Our cocker spaniel mix Murphy, who we found as a stray almost 12 years ago, developed a severe cough in late 2017. We took him to a traditional vet who examined him, then took a few x-rays. He had a large mass in the lower lobe of his right lung. The vet gave us a few choices as to what to do with him. First choice was for surgery to remove the mass, second was to biopsy the mass. Both of these choices gave him a less than 50% chance of survival, and a probable life span of approximately 6 months. Her last suggestion was to visit Dr. Karlene Stange.
    After our first visit, Murphy was already doing better! Dr. Karlene performed an acupuncture treatment and prescribed a combination of Chinese herbs. Since our first appointment, Murphy has steadily improved, and in fact, has the energy and enthusiasm he had years ago! Thank you Dr. Karlene for your knowledge, compassion, and skill with our sweet Murphy!

    Paula & Rick
    Paula & Rick

  • “I think that I benefitted as much from Karlene’s services as my dog Blizzard did. Blizzard was suffering from chronic sinus infection and sneezing which caused him discomfort and general unhappiness. I was referred to Karlene after several expensive and painful procedures, which did not help.

    Karlene was able to balance Blizzard’s overall health and cleared his sinus problems with acupuncture and natural medicine.

    He is doing amazingly well. Thank you Karlene.”


    Jason Gordon
    Jason Gordon
  • I brought Scooter to see Dr. Heather a few months ago. Scooter’s rear legs were getting weaker and more painful for him because of knee issues. He is only three years old, so he was probably born with bad joint problems. Dr. Heather suggested a series of Laser treatments after trying conventional acupuncture. Scooter would not tolerate the needles, it was hard to get him to hold still long enough, as well, he’d pull the needles out first chance he got. That’s when Dr. Heather started Laser treatment in place of needles for acupuncture. Scooter was okay with that treatment, so we started a series of this type of therapy. Also he was started on a herb mixture to help with his pain.
    After a couple of weeks, Scooter was starting to visibly look less weak in his rear legs, less limping, and a bit more active. We started to reduce the frequency of the treatments, and he’s maintained his improvements. I believe the strength in his legs is getting better. He’s more stable on slippery surfaces.
    I believe this treatment was a good choice for Scooter. We’ll work towards a once a month maintenance. Scooter seems to of reacted well to this therapy. Thank you, Dr. Heather!
    Rich Stewart

  • Karlene Stange’s name is “out there” in the animal world around Durango. I live in an area where all our neighbors have horses and many of them speak highly of Karlene. Well, I have llamas (4) and for ten years Karlene has helped me with the yearly maintenance of my llamas-shots, filing teeth, overall health check-ups.

    Then my oldest pack llama, Dreamcatcher, started showing signs of old age. He’d been packing all his life and around 17-18 years of age arthritis set in. He also had an episode of choke and then an infection. Karlene was there to help on the choke and infection so he made it through it all. The arthritis was an ongoing challenge to see what Dreamcatcher would respond to so he could move his neck better and walk more easily.

    Acupuncture treatments were used first; then a Chinese herbal powder called Loranthus that is easily mixed in with his Equine Senior. This was used for maintenance. To watch Karlene work with my llamas (especially the acupuncture), you know she has a fondness and ability to communicate with them. I’m so thankful for her knowledge and help. Now Dreamcatcher moves around much easier and keeps up with the other 3 boys in the pasture. He is a happier older llama.

    Lois Bartig Small
    Lois Bartig Small

  • I am happy my traditional veterinarian recommended Animas Animals for “Kate,” my sweet 16 year old Aussie who had wounds and paralysis from an accident with an auto. It was obvious from the first appointment that she felt better. Your care, professional knowledge, and treatment plan were all reassuring. Kate and I both looked forward to our appointments. Everyone is amazed with her profound recovery. Thank you Dr. Perkins and
    Dr. Stange for your outstanding services!

    Jackie Ellis
    Jackie Ellis
  • Dr. Heather Perkins saved our dogs…literally! Dr. Heather creates individualized cold laser treatment plans and prescribes specialized Chinese herb supplements to meet the needs of our fur babies! Her gentle touch and patience with our dogs keeps them at ease.
    Our Schnauzer, Charlie, has hind-end weakness and our other Schnauzer, Brody, has lupus. After seeing two other Durango vets, we were told Charlie’s hind-end weakness was not treatable. We sought Dr. Heather who treated Charlie with cold laser and Chinese herbs to supplement Charlie’s deficiencies.  Charlie is able to get up, walk, run, and shows no signs of hind-end weakness with continued tune ups from Dr. Heather.  Brody also receives specialized cold laser treatments and Chinese herbs to treat his lupus.  His weight is back within normal range and his pain is under control.
    Charlie and Brody are doing great under the superb care of Dr. Heather.  We are forever grateful that we found her! She is truly amazing, talented, and sincerely concerned about her clients and their well-being.
    Tyler & Jackie
    Tyler & JackieCharlie & Brody - The Schnauzers 

  • I hope you find Karlene before you’re at the end of your rope so you and your pet don’t have the struggle like we did. Our beloved German Shepard, Pilot, was ill for almost a year before we took him to Animas Animals for alternative care. At 4 years of age, he was weak in the hind end and struggled to get up. We visited local veterinarians and were referred to specialists where blood values, x-rays, and MRI results were inconclusive. $8000 later, Pilot was taking numerous pain medications and anti fungal drugs. He became increasingly depressed and his movement had not improved. He screamed in pain when he opened his mouth. After the first visit with Karlene, Pilot had 20% improvement in mobility and depression. She treated Pilot with electroacupuncture (that he absolutely loves). We gradually eliminated the drugs and used Chinese herbal formulas instead. His depression was gone. 36 hours after I started giving a third Chinese herbal, the tide changed! He was up and moving around!!! Pilot had been in pain for almost a year and after 6 weeks under Karlene’s care he was a changed dog. Pilot looks forward to our visits, he can hardly contain his excitement in the car when we get to her office, and when she puts the needles in, he lays down and takes a peaceful nap that makes me so jealous!


  • Karlene is truly a magician with horses. We had heard that horses responded better to acupuncture than any other animal, including people.

    We were thrilled find Karlene. Within a few minutes of the needles, our 23 year-old horse Stryder, went to sleep. Our vet had advised us to put our beloved Stryder down. He was lame and couldn’t raise his head. We were told he could never carry a rider again.

    After one treatment with Karlene, Stryder was able to raise his head, and after a few treatments his lameness healed. She also put Stryder on Chineseherbs, which helped enormously. We appreciate that Karlene was willing to fight for Stryder when other vets had given up on him.

    Stryder now been ridable for a few years. He is a very healthy, affectionate wonderful horse and we are deeply indebted to Karlene for helping us heal him. We also gave him organic grain and lots of love.

    We also had her treat our little dog for a ruptured ACL in his knee, and he was able to heal with out surgery.

    Karlene is truly a miracle worker!


    Dr. Erika Chopich
    Dr. Erika Chopich

  • “We took our 5 year old dachshund, Peppermint,  to the vet because she was paralyzed in her back legs. We were told that our 2 options were $7000.00 back surgery or euthanasia; we looked for other options.

    (the video in the link below shows Peppermint’s amazing recovery)

    We were told about Dr. Stange at the clinic and felt ready to try anything. Let me start by saying that my husband and I are in the medical field and were very skeptical of acupuncture. That being said, our baby was paralyzed and we were willing to try anything that we could afford.

    Well, Dr. Stange has made believers out of us. When I brought Peppermint for her first visit, she was dragging her back legs. After 5 visits, she was walking and running.

    She is back to her old self and we have Dr. Stange to thank for that.  Words cannot express how thankful we are to her. She gave us our Peppermint back!

    Thank you Karlene, we love you! ”

    Click the link below to see Peppermint in action!


    Alex and Peggy Schermer
    Alex and Peggy Schermer