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Animas means souls, breath, and life. At Animas Animals we treat your pet body and soul to ease pain as well as emotions. The doctors at Animas Animals work to improve the quality of each animal’s life using acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, therapeutic laser, essential oils, homeopathic medicine, and nutrition. Bring your best friend to our quiet home office for a pleasant rejuvenation.



About Our Services

We spend 90 minutes on your initial visit. This includes gathering a medical history (with any x-rays and laboratory test), and questions about your pet’s personality. We examine the animal’s tongue, gums, eyes, ears, nose, skin, and feel the acupoints, joints, abdomen, and limbs as required to check for pain and any abnormalities. We may listen to the heart and lungs, and take a temperature if needed. From this information we make a traditional Chinese veterinary medical pattern diagnosis. An animal’s pattern describes the imbalance to treat. Treatment may include acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, and/or cold laser therapy. We also discuss diet and make food recommendations to treat the pattern imbalance. The animal’s pulses tell us a great deal. We use the pulses to guide us in determining the best herbal formulas, foods, medications, and supplements, and we prescribe these accordingly. *


• Initial visit: $135 (herbal formulas and supplements cost extra).

• Repeat acupuncture: $105

• Cancer treatment: (1-3 acupoints) $65, with treatments recommended monthly.

• Repeat Laser: $65-$105 depending upon complexity of treatment.

*Please bring samples of anything your pet eats, or a list of ingredients. Also bring any supplements and medications used.


Veterinary Acupuncturists

Dr. Karlene Stange

Dr. Heather Perkins


What We Do

Small & Large Animals

Previous patients include: dogs, cats, horses, llamas, alpacas, cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, birds and iguanas.

Holistic & therapeutic care

As veterinarians trained in both western and eastern medicine, we offer a holistic approach. We treat the physical body and the nonphysical emotions as well.


Stimulation of acupoints with needles cause the release of chemicals from the body’s pharmacy. It brings about an increase in the circulation of blood, relieves pain, improves organ function, and calms the mind.

Cold Laser Therapy

Low level laser, or cold laser, is used in two ways: 1) to treat acupoints in animals that do not like needles, and 2) to treat joint pain. Cold laser therapy increases circulation, stimulates wound healing, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain.

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal formulas have been used for thousands of years. We have over 20 years of experience using these medications in daily practice.

Whole Food Therapy

Food is medicine. Each nutrient has energetic properties that may warm, cool, drain damp, moisten, move blood, or increase energy. We are certified veterinary food therapists with the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine.

The Spiritual Nature of Animals: A Country Vet Explores the Wisdom, Compassion, and Souls of Animals

For more than 20 years, Dr Stange has studied what the world’s religious, scientific, and spiritual teachings say about animals in order to better understand their spiritual nature. In addition, she has gathered information from the animals themselves while working as an ambulatory veterinarian in southwestern Colorado. She consolidated the information from her fascinating journey into a memoir that has been published by New World Library.

The goal of this book is to better understand the non-physical makeup of animals for the highest good of animal care, the human-animal bond, and the well-being of all concerned.


Book Reviews


“I am beginning to read it now and savoring the stories and wisdom Karlene Stange brings to her readers. I’m planning to recommend her book to the …Bookshop and to book groups.”
“It is with great pleasure that I recommend this book. This book is a guide to our spirituality as well as to our dear companions and all animals. It is comparative religion and spirituality guide that I will read over and over.”
– Dr. Stephanie Dodge
“…finished the book you represent, The Spiritual Nature of Animals, and loved reading it during this challenging medical time. He said it put him in touch with a whole different level of thinking which he found very uplifting. Last night at dinner when we looked through the window and saw deer eating the grass beyond our house, he said “I look at deer differently now.” In the past, we’ve chased them away because they eat so many variety of plants we try to grow. Now we just let them be, and plant vegetables and flowers in our fenced garden…”
With this comprehensive and compassionate volume, Stange has given readers a book like no other, and one that could well become the definitive examination of the subject. Stange’s combination of academic analysis and tales about animals she treated makes her book a fascinating and warm-hearted read.
– Best Friends Magazine
May/June 2018

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