March 23, 2021 j3development

Dr. Perkins has changed Rose’s and my life, and we will both be forever grateful!
Dr. Heather is the most patient, caring veterinarian I have ever met. When Dr. Heather met my dog, Rose, she was a very exuberant, energetic dog with sometimes overwhelming amounts of energy! I wondered how she would possibly get needles into the wiggling Rose. Dr. Heather took her time with Rose and calmed her down so she could examine her.

Rose had a weak rear leg and had difficulty getting into my vehicle. After only one acupuncture treatment, Rose easily jumped into my 4Runner!! Dr. Heather saw the “whole” Rose, and at our second appointment, she recognized that Rose had more than a physical ailment needing treatment. She recommended a supplement to balance Rose’s anxiety. Not only did Rose’s leg gain strength and her pain subside, but she calmed down and now plays appropriately with my other dogs (instead of zooming in circles!). But best of all she started sleeping through the night!!! She had never slept through the night in her entire two years! Rose continues to improve both physically and emotionally. She has become a very sweet, loving dog, and I credit Dr. Heather’s loving treatment of Rose for this change.

Heidi Malberg