March 23, 2021 j3development

Theo at 10 years old, posing in the Irises on a camping trip.

Dr. Heather and Animas Animals have been incredibly beneficial for my golden doodle Theodore! We came to Dr. Heather after a surgery specialist told us it was impossible to remove a tumor on Theo’s adrenal gland. With no other treatment option, and a bleak diagnosis, I reached out to Dr. Heather and Animas Animals. We began in April of 2019 and have been seeing Dr. Heather for acupuncture, herbs and supplements every 2-3 weeks, and it is now March, 2021. She listens to my questions and helps me understand the integrative approach of western medicine and TCVM, and also provides me with resources to answer my questions.

Theo feels noticeably better after each session with Dr. Heather and absolutely relaxes into the treatment. Theo was not sleeping well, and now sleeps through the night! He is able to keep hiking, competing in nose work, swimming and paddle boarding. Theo is joyous every time he sees Dr. Heather.